Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I now have a debug XULRunner build, so I started poking at the odd crasher that bug 420777 acts as a workaround for. Converting from PNG to PNG (which should work, even though it should never be done) causes the whole shebang to SIGABRT when trying to close the buffered output-stream. Turns out it's nsBufferedStream::Close() that is the bad guy, and not nsStorageStream as I previously had guessed. More specifically the line nsBufferedStreams.cpp:109. Cesar confirmed on IRC last week that it affected him as well, so either it's a glibc bug that's in both OpenSUSE 10.2 and Ubuntu 7.10 (IIRC), or it's a Mozilla problem. I have no idea at this point, but I'm leaning towards the latter.

(A partial stack trace is available here.)

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