Sunday, March 02, 2008


It is surprisingly more satisfying than I had thought filing bugs, poking at the code and sometimes seeing p=nossralf in a check-in log. I mean, it's like a little buzz, more than a few synapses going "wheeee".

I've decided to learn a bit about the xpcshell HTTP server and writing unit tests for Mozilla in general, since Prism needs some lovin' in that department. Using the HTTP server makes sense, since it enables testing things such as the favicon downloader (and possibly aspects of Refractor as well). It may be too late to impact 0.9, but getting good unit test coverage won't make 1.0 kick any less ass.

And I need to get one of my other little projects, Tnedor, finished. It's a Python-based xbindkeys replacement with per-application settings (mouse buttons only for now). With an associated GUI application for setting up the configuration. Mouse settings on Linux suck. Bad. And reducing suck should be the goal of all software. (It's called Tnedor because Esuom sounds too Finnish and that's just wrong!)

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