Thursday, February 21, 2008


I had almost finished writing a blog post saying "it is XPCOM biting me, and I'm probably asking for it" when I realized that was indeed the case. What do you call someone who doesn't NS_ADDREF when he's supposed to? Stupid, that's what. (The jury will accept "inexperienced" too, but with me yammering on about "copying the Windows logic" without actually copying the NS_ADDREF, well, it's kinda stupid.)

Anyway, I found it by setting a watchpoint for the pointer (using "watch *((int*)0xblah)"), found out it was being freed in NS_DestroyXPTCallStub, which of course means its refcount was 0. Hard to call through XPTCall if there's no stub there to actually call through, natch.

At least it works now.

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