Sunday, August 24, 2008

status update

I've been working my day job, getting settled in. After a couple of months I've now started to pry the lid off the can of whoop-ass; that just means I'm feeling rather comfortable in the whole workplace situation. My desk is if not my sanctuary then at least my desk. Spent the summer coding Java (my official position is function tester) and generally mucking about the tool-chain at work. Lots of fun and late nights. Eclipse is to Java what intercourse is to life, seriously! Hot stuff.

So the open-source activities ground to a halt due to the above. I haven't left for good, though. Don't be silly. I recently built a new computer (how does a 25x improvement in debug Firefox build speed rub you?) and once I get the dev environment set up just right, I intend to attack the Prism bugs I left hanging. Then, well, I hope I'll be more involved with js-ctypes and those bits again. I kind of miss it.

So, that's it. For the 0 readers of this blog — enjoy!

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